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We are talking cute, well dressed girls, playing in fountains and taking showers, on the street!  All very, very public, like the name suggests, splashing on the streets!  You imagine a girl taking a shower or diving in a fountain on her way back from work, that is what this site will give you!

This site does not contain nudity!

We now have ZIP files of the pictures to make it more convenient to download all our pics!

Watch Our BRAND NEW Trailer!

February 15:  Maya Wet In That Gold Dress!

413 hi-res photos
2 video clips

Emily In A Natural Pool!

Megan Gets Sexy In The Hot Tub!

Naughty School girls Georgina And Nadia Have A Water Fight!

Sky's Tight Dress In The Hot Tub!

Soakemon Go Charlotte And Emily

Georgina Showers In A Waistcoat Suit.

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